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Wine and olive oil have marked the lives of the people of Pelješac and left a deep mark in the tradition of the peninsula. The hard-working hands of the Pelješac farmers have worked the land for centuries and created fertile vineyards in the most inaccessible terrains, providing top quality wines. One of them is Postup, a well-known Croatian wine-making locality, placed at the entrance of Orebić. At the foot of Postup is the village of Mokalo, home to the Boutique winery Mikulić. It is decorated in the style of traditional Dalmatian taverns, where the greatest Dalmatian treasures have been carefully kept for generations.
Here you will enjoy the glass of the finest Postup wine, named „Don Josip“, signed by the Mikulić family. In addition to tasting wonderful Dalmatian products, it is possible to buy wine and olive oil from family-owned vineyards and olive groves.

Plavac Postup

The finest red wine of the most significant Croatian variety „plavac mali“, from one of the best winemaking locations – the southern slopes of the Pelješac peninsula.
Postup is the second wine in Croatia protected as “Premium Quality”, and this wine is its best representative.
Its deep ruby- red ​​color with characteristic purple reflections expresses the power and splendour of this wine.
Though influenced by triple insolation, it has surprisingly managed to keep its fruity and playful flavour.
A slightly higher alcohol content with discrete sugar residue provides the wine with a wonderful, velvety taste.
The full aroma then follows with the flavours of red berries (blueberry, raspberry), and its extractive and rich body leaves a long aftertaste on the palate, tempting you into having another sip. It goes best with game, fish
and seafood dishes.

Postup Don Josip selection

Made from the „plavac mali“ wine variety, selected and harvested yearly, depending on the character of the vintage in the vineyard – from the best grapes picked off the finest Mikulić family vines.
This is a Postup that will not leave you indifferent. Elegant, yet robust, powerful and yet soft, a real full-fledged hot southern wine. Aroma starts with subtle flavours of forest fruits (raspberry, blackberry), but when allowed some „breathing time“, the mythical „blue moment“ comes to fruition, with hints of
plum and dried black currant. This wine provides a multilayer experience in the mouth, with a long and seductive aftertaste. Compact tannins are tamed in this wine, which delivers a feeling of sincerity and a love for
the tradition which is inherited from this region. An ideal pair with game, steak, black risotto and strong cheeses.

Pošip Mikulić

The golden fruits of Korčula vineyards, grown on the steep terrains of the sunny side of the island, reborn in a glass of extraordinary flavours.

A wine of pleasing freshness and minerality, characteristic for the island of Korčula.

It is green-yellow in color, with fragrant, intense aromas of white fruits, with accents of the freshness of Southern Dalmatian Citrus fruits.

This wine is harmonious and refreshing.

It wonderfully complements white fish, pasta, light cheeses, shellfish and other seafood dishes.

Adriatic Brut

Adriatic brut has a fresh, lively taste, which makes it an excellent choice for any occasion.

It is perfect as an aperitif, and its lightness and drinkability make it a good complement to a large number of dishes.

It is ideally paired with crabs, oysters and sushi specialties.

Its shiny golden color obtained from the blend of rukatac and pošip produced by the traditional method exudes a perfect harmony of acid, alcohol and sweetness.

Adriatic sparkling wine will beautify your every moment and will become an obligatory participant in all special occasions.

Pelješac wine & wineyard

Poor soil, beneficial Dalmatian sun and hard work of diligent people from Pelješac enable wine and grapes to produce abundant bunches the ones that are traditionally used to make the best known Croatian red wines originating from the Pelješac peninsula: “Postup”, “Dingac”, “Plavac”, Peljesac”.